Zahrah provides a safe, secure, and nurturing atmosphere for balanced recovery and healing. Our goal is to journey with others into healing and to help them successfully transition into their new lives with newfound self-esteem, direction, and empowerment, as we also pursue these components of healing in our own lives. Below are a few of the elements we offer and engage in. 


Zahrah as an organization remains grounded in prayer and reliance on Jesus. We meet regularly to pray and seek God’s will for ourselves, our city, and the world. We believe that Jesus is the answer to all brokenness, and the most powerful path to healing from the brokenness caused by sexual abuse and exploitation.  

Support Groups

Zahrah facilitates and/or participates in a variety of recovery support groups. We have seen much freedom come from the Twelve Step Programs because the format addresses the mental, emotional, and spiritual components of addictions. 


Zahrah believes that music and worship can be a way to experience healing as we connect to God, who is the source of all healing and freedom. Worship can help us to connect to God's presence, which is full of His unchanging love and compassion.

Course Work

At Zahrah we believe each woman is unique, and so is her healing path. Women learn life skills such as communication, conflict resolution, anger management, understanding boundaries, understanding trauma, and making safe choices to help live independent lives. Other curriculum includes understanding triggers, identifying toxic patterns, same-sex attraction, coping skills, nurturing the self, grief work, and pursuing God.

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Safe House

Zahrah has limited space for women in need of residential services and care. Our safe house therapeutic interventions include access to various types of therapy that integrate both secular and faith-based applications. We believe in treating the whole person for long term freedom.

Life Coaching

Zahrah can help you succeed by pairing you with a certified life coach. A certified life coach can help you reach your goals and make changes in your life by walking beside you in your healing journey, offering motivation, strategy, and accountability to ensure the goals and dreams you set are reached. A life coach can be a powerful tool to help you tap into your full God-given potential. 

Art Therapy

Zahrah believes deeply in the healing and restorative power of art. We draw creativity from God, the master artist, in whose image we've been made, and use that creativity to process, grieve, let go, and rebuild. Zahrah facilitates expressive art therapy groups to help heal deep wounds while exploring freedom in the creative. Therapy may incorporate writing, drama, dance, paining and/or music.

Community Dinners

Zahrah invites you to come join us for dinner and get to know us! We are informal, welcoming, and would love to share our home and a meal with you. You won't find us engaging in lot of surface talk – the Zahrah team has journeyed through dark seasons and we know what it is like to feel unseen and misunderstood. It is a sacred honor to walk with others as they heal and grow.