Who We Are

Zahrah is a small team of people who work together to share the things we have learned about healing with women who have experienced trauma. We are a survivor-centered, trauma-informed organization confronting the sexual exploitation of women, and together we have over 20 years combined experience working with survivors of sexual abuse. We are based in the Tampa Bay Area, though we work with women elsewhere and welcome more opportunities to do so.

What We Do 

Zahrah is a survivor-led and survivor-centered organization devoted to women who have endured sexual trauma and/or exploitation. It is a safe space where those who have been impacted by abuse are accepted and honored; where their victim status is acknowledged, but does not define them; where they are understood and never judged; where they are supported in both their healing and in the development of their individual selves; where cycles of abuse are broken and where life-affirming experiences are nurtured as stepping stones towards establishing fully enriched and empowered lives.

Our Beliefs

  • We believe women need and deserve specialized treatment, as well as non-judgmental, multi-generational support, and innovative services provided by an honoring and culturally competent staff with relevant life experience.
  • We believe women cannot begin to heal unless they feel safe. Therefore, it is of utmost importance not only to protect anonymity at all times, but to protect the woman’s story and healing process, and empower her to share at her own time, with whom she chooses. We believe using the survivor's story of sexual exploitation through media or any other means further exploits the survivor.
  • We believe that the sexual abuse and commercial sexual exploitation of women are serious criminal offenses against a highly vulnerable population. Women are groomed from early ages to enter into prostitution and stripped of their options in such a way that they are forced into the industry. They should therefore be recognized as victims, and the buyers should be recognized as abusers and criminals, as opposed to criminalizing the woman while the abuser walks away protected.
  • We believe the lives and stories of women are sacred – that women are the life-bearers of the planet. Each woman deserves her own story of redemption, empowerment, and the opportunity to move into new landscapes of freedom from mental, emotional, and physiological bondage.
  • We believe the majority of traumas and unhealthy coping behaviors are spiritual at their core and can be helped along with frequent prayer, meditation, and an increasingly growing pursuit of God and His rightful purpose for His daughters.

Our Demands

  • We demand that the sexually exploited be recognized as victims instead of criminals.
  • We demand education and awareness be brought to the issues surrounding sexual trauma.
  • We demand survivors be provided with services focusing on their healing and recovery.
  • We demand serious consequences imposed on anyone who sexually abuses or sexually exploits women.
  • We demand that anyone working with survivors adopt the policy “Do No Harm” and listen to the wisdom of the women they serve.